Research Vessels

  • R/V Bilim-2

    The Institute of Marine Sciences' main research vessel Bilim-2 was designed as an oceanographic vessel and was launched in 1983. For more details click here.

  • R/V Lamas

    The R/V Lamas is used for the scientific cruises performed in the nearshore regions of the enclosed bays along the Turkish continental shelf, mostly used in trawling in biological and fisheries researches. It is also capable of performing oceanographic investigations.For more details click here.

On board Facilities

CTD+Rosette System

A- Seabird 911 plus: Sensors; Pressure, Conductivity, Temperature, Dissolved Oxygen, Chlorophyll Fluorescence, Turbidity. 12 Niskin Bottles (12 L capacity), Depth Limit: 3000 m

Argo Profiling Floats

Buoy Systems

Seafloor sampling - Dietz-La Fonde grab
Seafloor sampling - Van Veen grab
Gravity Corer

Partical Size Analyzer 

Grain Size Analysis,Sieving method,Laser diffraction method (< 0.25 mm)

Automatic weather station (Aanderaa and Davis Instruments Weather Monitor II)*

(Aanderaa and Davis Instruments Weather Monitor II)

Andersen dry-wet deposition sampler*
Multi Corer

Nominal diving depth: Full Ocean Depth, Core Tubes (Quantity): 4-8