The Institute of Marine Sciences (IMS) is a leading interdisciplinary centre supporting diverse research and activities in marine science with the objectives of; having strategic priorities to benefit from marine resources in a country surrounded by  seas on three sides, sustainable management of human activities related to the sea and the environment, research in the fields of marine science,projects, to cultivate notable scientists through top quality marine science education.

The Graduate School of Marine Sciences with the branches of Marine Geology and Geophysics, Marine Biology and Fisheries and Oceanography, offering postgraduate doctoral and post-doctoral research opportunities, was first  established at Ankara Central Campus in 1975. Because of the importance of the research and the need for its  scientists to be closer to the sea, it was decided to establish a separate campus and in 1977 the construction of the Erdemli Campus was both completed and  education and scientific research began.

IMS studies are carried out with an emphasis on combined theory and practical laboratory work. Turkey’s first Research Vessel the R/V Bilim2 belongs to the IMS and important research in Turkey’s four seas continues today.