The Harbour at METU-IMS is an important shelter and protected rocky habitat for marine life along the extensively developed Mersin coast. The rich biodiversity of the METU-IMS harbour is attributable to the administrative decision to completely prohibit all fishing activities since 2008. Furthermore, the harbour acts as a haven for newly hatched larvae and juveniles of many fish species and other marine organisms.

Another special feature of the harbour is the shallow layer of freshwater at the surface originating partly from the nearby Lamas River and partly from ground water draining onto the small beach within the harbour.

This feature attracts the endangered Nile Turtle (Trionyx triunguis) and several turtles can be routinely observed swimming at the surface or in warm weather basking on the shore.

The campus at METU-IMS (area of 606.000 m2) was founded in 1979 with the help of Architect Prof. Dr. Alaaddin Egemen (1926 – 2011).

The woodland area of the campus supports a diversity of bird species and other wildlife. Small Lemon orchards are also a special feature. Flowering plants and shrubs further enhance the natural beauty of the Institute grounds.

Sports and Recreation

The campus provides the perfect opportunity for swimming, snorkelling and other water sports such as water polo. The beach and campus grounds are ideal for birdwatching walking, jogging and outdoor yoga. There is also a basketball and tennis court.

The surrounding region is also suitable for hiking and cycling as well as for trips to historical sites.