Field(s) of Specialization:

Sea Turtle Monitoring and Conservation

Position Title:



Marine Biology and Fisheries


Mersin - TURKEY

Summary Description:

Two beaches (~1km) belonging to METU Marine Sciences Institute are among the nesting areas in the Mediterranean for two endangered sea turtle species worldwide; Chelonia Mydas and Caretta caretta. At the Institute of Marine Sciences, we carry out conservation studies by observing the nests made by sea turtles between May and October every year. Last season, we observed 871 hatchlings which reached the sea from our institute beaches, alive and healthy from 40 nests. For the 2024 nesting season, internship opportunities are offered to undergraduate/graduate students within the scope of "Sea Turtle Monitoring and Conservation Studies".
The scope of work is determined as follows;

  • The adult emergences by drone, determining the nest mouth and placing cages
  • Observation and protection of the nest during the incubation period
  • Follow-up of the hatchlings and nest opening

The trainee is expected to have experience or knowledge of sea turtle studies. During the internship, it is necessary to carry out research that will be carried out day and night. Interns who will participate in these studies will be provided with accommodation on campus. The minimum internship period is determined as 1 month. Since there will be free time in the middle of the day, enthusiastic undergraduate/graduate students who want to gain knowledge and experience in marine sciences will have the opportunity to participate in other studies at the Institute of Marine Sciences, during this free time. 
Please send your CV and a brief letter of motivation to:


METU – Institute of Marine Sciences

Posting Date:

March, 2024

Closing Date:

Open Until Filled

Required Applicant Documents to Submit:

Applicants are asked to submit a CV, a 2-page (max.) statement of research experience and interests

Application period:

April 1- May 20, 2024

Internship Period:

May- October, 2024