Erdemli and Surrounding Area

There are no shops within the METU-IMS campus however the town of Erdemli offers a wide range of chain supermarkets (MIGROS, SOK, CARREFOUR SA) and a large range of independent retailers. Students may find essential goods in the nearby villages of Kocahasanlı (Ermar supermarket) and Limonlu (MIGROS - open for the summer season, and SOK – open all year)

Mersin City Center

Below is a list of shopping centers in the city of Mersin. The centers and the shops in the list provided, are those most suitable for students.

Some of the Shops and Shopping Centers in the City

  • Mersin Forum AVM (Yenisehir/Mersin)
  • Mersin Marina (Yenisehir/Mersin)
  • Palm City AVM (Yenisehir/Mersin)
  • Mersin SOLI Center (Mezitli/Mersin)
  • Kipa (Yenisehir/Mersin)
  • Metro (Yenisehir/Mersin)
  • Çetinkaya AVM (Akdeniz/Mersin)

Large Bookstores in Mersin

  • D&R (at Forum AVM, Yenisehir/Mersin)
  • KITAPSAN (Mezitli/Mersin)Sokak Kitap ve Kahve Evi (Yenisehir/Mersin)
  • İşler Kitapevleri (Yenisehir/Mersin)
  • Kırmızı Kedi Kitabevi (at Palm City AVM, Yenisehir/Mersin)
  • Tekağaç Eylül Kitabevi (Akdeniz/Mersin)