Applying for an Internship

Institute of Marine Sciences, METU, provides internship opportunities for the enthusiastic undergraduate students who would like to gain some background and experience about marine sciences.

Institute of Marine Sciences is a graduate school under Middle East Technical University, conducts research under three major areas; i) marine biology and fisheries, ii) marine geology and geophysics, and iii) oceanography. In each area of research, METU-IMS researches different properties of the marine environment. The scientific research is supported by national and international project fundings. Research is held through theoretical and practical studies, both in the laboratory environment and on the scientific research vessel possessed by the institute.

Institute of Marine Sciences offers internship opportunities all year round, both in summer and winter periods, to the undergraduate applicants. However, for summer and winter periods specifically, applicants should observe the application deadlines below:

Internship periods

Application dates

Winter period

January – February

15 September - 30 November

Summer period

June – September

15 February - 30 March

Following evaluation of internship applications during December (for the winter period), and during April (for the summer period), the applicants are informed about the success of their application.

Applications can be made within the scope of compulsory or voluntary internship.

The application to internship is done via e-mail to our institute ( The following information is required for the application and should be sent attached to the application e-mail: 

  1. The period (exact dates) for the internship and (if any) proposed mentor during the internship period. (We recommend that you contact the researcher you want to work with and agree on the scope and details of your internship.)
  2. A motivation letter 
  3. A recent CV of the applicant
  4. A statement whether the applicant requests on-campus accommodation (free-of-charge but limited capacity and for a limited time)

 The students who are accepted to the internship program must personally submit the required documents taken from their universities to METU Graduate School of Marine Sciences. These documents are, but may not be limited to, the following: 

  • A compulsory internship document 
  • A document which shows that the intern student will get the insurance from his/her current university during the internship period 

METU-IMS is not responsible for the accommodation, transportation and food needs of the interns. Yet temporary accommodation might be provided in case of there is empty lodges during their internship. However During working days lunch is served in the on-campus cafeteria (at intern’s own expense) and a free-of-charge shuttle service is offered from and to the city of Mersin in the mornings and in the evenings.