Research Interests: Marine Biology, Marine Pollution, Marine Benthos, Production in the Sea

Academic Staff Roster:


  • PhD. 1978, Pierre et Marie Curie Univ. (Paris VI)
  • M.Sc. 1976, Pierre et Marie Curie Univ. (Paris VI)
  • B.Sc. 1966, Department of Zoology and Botany, Istanbul University

Selected Publications:

  1. Beşiktepe, Ş., Kıdeyş, A.E. and Ünsal, M., 1998. In situ grazing pressure and diel vertical migration of female Calanus euxinus in the Black Sea. Hidrobiologia, 363, 323-332.
  2. Uysal, Z. and Ünsal, M., 1996. Effects of purified and nonpurified paperplant effluents on fertilization and development of sea urchin, Paracentratus lividus Lam.Eggs.  Fresenius Envir.Bull., 5, 90-94.
  3. Ünsal, M., 1990. Effect of Selenium pretreatment on the acute toxicity of Mercury in the mussel, Brachidontes  variabilis.  Acta Adriat., 31(1&2), 163-171.
  4. Ünsal, M., 1987. Evaluation of the synergistic effect of Selenium on the acute toxicity of Mercury in fish larvae.  Rev.Int.Oceanogr.Med., 87-88, 125-135.
  5. Ünsal, M., 1982. The accumulation and transfer of Vanadium within the food chain. Mar.Pollut.Bull., 13(4), 139-141.​