Research Interests: Chemical Oceanography, Nutrient Chemistry, Water Quality Classification


  • Ph.D. 1982, Chemical Oceanography, Institute of Marine Sciences, METU, TÜRKİYE
  • M.Sc. 1978, Chemical Oceanography, Insitute of Marine Sciences, METU, TÜRKİYE
  • B. Sc. 1976, Chemistry, METU, TÜRKİYE

Career Highlights

  • Assessment of long-term impacts of human-induced eutrophication on the Black Sea upper (oxic-suboxic) layer chemistry and redox-dependent chemical features.
  • Adaptation and comparison of eutrophication classification tools in the NE Mediterranean
  • Coastal Waters including the Iskenderun and Mersin Bays Assessment of nutrient and TOC exchange fluxes in the Turkish Straits System

Selected Publications

  1. Tugrul, S., Ozhan, K., Akcay, I. 2019. Assessment of trophic status of the northeastern Mediterranean coastal waters: eutrophication classification tools revisited. Environmental Science and Pollution Research 26(15), pp. 14742-14754. DOI: 10.1007/s11356-018-2529-6
  2. Tuğrul , S., J.W. Murray, G. E. Friederich, İ. Salihoğlu (2014). Spatial and temporal variability in the chemical properties of the oxic and suboxic layers of the Black Sea. J. Marine System, 135:29-43.
  3. Çoban-Yildiz, Y., Fabbri, D., Chiavari, G., Gaines, A..F., Galletti, G. and Tugrul, S.(2000) The abundance and chemical composition of Black Sea seston: confirmation by pyrolysis-GC/MS. Marine Chemistry, 69, 55-67.
  4. Yılmaz, A. and  S. Tuğrul (1998). The effect of cold- and warm-core eddies on the distribution and stoichiometry of dissolved nutrients in the north-eastern Mediterranean. J. Marine Systems,   Cilt: 16, sayfa: 253-268.
  5. Polat, Ç. and S. Tuğrul (1995). Nutrient and organic carbon exchanges between the Black and Marmara Seas through the Bosphorus Strait. Continental Shelf Research, Cilt:15, sayfa: 1115-1232.
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