Research Interests: Chemical Oceanography, Marine Pollution, Symbiotic Relationships Between Sea and Atmosphere


  • Ph.D. 1976, Chemistry, Middle East Technical University, TÜRKİYE
  • M.Sc. 1971, Chemistry, Middle East Technical University, TÜRKİYE
  • B.Sc. 1969, Chemistry, Middle East Technical University, TÜRKİYE

Career Highlights:

  • 200 Scientific Publications: 136 in international journals
  • Director of Institute of Marine Sciences, METU (1998-2003)
  • Worked with a range of international institutions and organizations: Marine Sciences consultant for the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, the Turkish National Technical Coordinator for the Mediterranean Action Plan
  • (MED-POL) of the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), Project Coordinator for the Science for Peace and Security Program of NATO, executive member of the Inter-governmental Oceanographic Commission of the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (IOC of UNESCO), executive member of the Strategic Educational and Research Centre of the Turkish Council of Higher Education.

Selected Publications:

  1. Kopf, A., Bicak, M., and 155 coauthors incl. Salihoğlu, İ., 2015. The ocean sampling day consortium. Gigascience 4, 13742-015-0066-5,
  2. Tuğrul, S., Beşiktepe, T., Salihoǧlu, İ., 2002. Nutrient exchange fluxes between the Aegean and Black Seas through the Marmara Sea. Mediterranean Marine Science 3, 33-42.
  3. Polat, S.C., Tuğrul, S., Çoban, Y., Baştürk, Ö., Salihoǧlu, İ., 1997. Elemental composition of seston and nutrient dynamics in the Sea of Marmara. Hydrobiologia 363, 157-167.
  4. Gabrielides, G.P., Alzieu, C., Readman, J.W., Bacci, E., Aboul Dahab, O., Salihoglu, I., 1990. MED POL survey of organotins in the Mediterranean. Marine Pollution Bulletin 21, 233-237.
  5. Bastürk, Ö., Saydam, C., Salihoglu, İ., Eremeeva, L.V., Konovalov, S.K., Stoyanov, A., Dimitrov, A., Cociasu, A., Dorogan, L., Altabet, M., 1994. Vertical variations in the principle chemical properties of the Black Sea in the autumn of 1991. Marine Chemistry 45, 149-165.
  6. Salihoǧlu, İ., Saydam, C., Baştürk, Ö., Yilmaz, K., Göçmen, D., Hatipoǧlu, E., Yilmaz, A., 1990. Transport and distribution of nutrients and chlorophyll-a by mesoscale eddies in the northeastern Mediterranean. Marine Chemistry 29, 375-390.