Research Interests: Phylogeography, population genetics, phylogenetics, evolution, ecology


  • B.Sc. Department of Biological Sciences, Faculty of Art and Sciences, METU, Ankara, TÜRKİYE
  • M.Sc. Department of Marine Biology and Fisheries, METU-IMS, Mersin, TÜRKİYE

Thesis Title:

M.Sc: Molecular and blastogenetic features of two Botryliid Ascidians from the North-Eastern Mediterranean

Research Outputs 

  1. Öztürk, E., Temiz, B., Karahan, A. (2018) First Record of Terpios gelatinosus (Porifera:Demospongiae; Bowerbank,1866) along the coasts of Mediterranean Sea in Turkey verified by DNA barcoding. Poster Presentation at Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Symposium, İzmir (Turkey), 2018.
  2. Temiz, B., Öztürk, E., Karahan, A. (2018) Phlogenetic and Phylogeographic Resolution of Ascidians along the Turkish Levantine Coasts. Poster Presentation at Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Symposium, İzmir (Turkey), 2018.