Research Interests: Community Ecology, Aquatic Ecology, Paleoecology, Catchment-Sea Interactions, Avian Ecology, Biodiversity


  • Ph.D. 2013, Ecoinformatics and Biodiversity, Aarhus University, Denmark
  • M.Sc. 2008, Limnology, Middle East Technical University, TÜRKİYE
  • B.Sc. 2005, Biology, Middle East Technical University, TÜRKİYE

Career Highlights

  • Co-authored 26 manuscripts, several scientific reports and presentations
  • Conducted > 20-months fieldwork in Arctic&Antarctic, Turkish, Danish, Greenlandic, Black Sea and Mediterranean Sea ecosystems as well as working on experimental ecology (mesocosms).
  • Accomplished scuba diver, birdwatcher and nature photographer.

Selected Publications

  1. Fu, H., Yuan, G., Özkan, K., Johansson, L. S., Søndergaard, M., Lauridsen, T. L., & Jeppesen, E. (2020). Patterns of Seasonal Stability of Lake Phytoplankton Mediated by Resource and Grazer Control During Two Decades of Re-oligotrophication. Ecosystems, 1-15.
  2. Özkan K, Jeppsesen E, Bjerring RB, Johansson LS, Davidson TA, Søndergaard M, Lauridsen TL,  Svenning JC. 2016. Long-term trends and temporal synchrony in lake plankton richness, diversity  and biomass driven by re-oligotrophication and climate across 17 Danish Lakes. Water. 8, 427.
  3. Özkan K, Jeppsesen E, Davidson TA, Søndergaard M, Lauridsen TL, Bjerring RB, Johansson LS, Svenning JC. 2014. Cross-taxon congruence in lake plankton largely independent of environmental gradients. Ecology. 95, 2778-2788.
  4. Özkan K, Svenning JC, Jeppsesen E. 2013. Environmental species sorting dominates forest-bird community assembly across scales. Journal of Animal Ecology. 82, 266-274.
  5. Özkan K, Jeppesen E, Søndergaard M, Lauridsen TL, Liboriussen L, Svenning JC. 2013. Contrasting roles of water chemistry, lake morphology, land-use, climate and spatial processes in driving phytoplankton richness in the Danish landscape. Hydrobiologia. 710, 173-187. 
  6. Özkan K, Jeppesen E, Johansson LS, Beklioglu M. 2010. The response of periphyton and submerged macrophytes to nitrogen and phosphorus loadings in warm lakes: a mesocosm experiment. Freshwater Biology, 55, 463-475.