Research Interests: Physical Oceanography, Dynamics of Two-layer Stratified Flows, Mesoscale Circulation Dynamics, Ecosystem and Biogeochemical Modeling

Academic Staff Roster:


  • PhD. 1981, Department of Meteorology, University of Reading, UK
  • M.Sc. 1977, Physics, Middle East Technical University, Turkey
  • B.Sc. 1975, Physics, Middle East Technical University, Turkey

Career Highlights:

  • Prof. Oğuz was the most dedicated and productive Turkish oceanographer of the past 30 years.
  • He was one of the pioneers in physical oceanography and was at the frontier of ecosystem modelling, not only in Turkey but also at the international level.
  • His research produced fundamental papers on topics such as the circulation dynamics of the Black Sea and Black Sea Ecosystem Dynamics.
  • Prof. Oğuz played a most active role in establishing Turkish-American-Russian cooperation in the Black Sea during 1990’s. Directly quoting from Prof. Sergey Konovalov, Director general of Marine Hydrophysical Institute Russian Academy of Sciences, “Temel did help us a lot in our rough 1990’s and he made possible for many people from our institute to remain in oceanography and to become good scientists”.

Selected Publications:

  1. Philippart,C., Danovaro, R., Dippner, J., Drinkwater, K., Hawkins, S., Oğuz, T., O'Sullivan, G., Reid, P., 2011. Impacts of climate change on European marine ecosystems: observations, expectations and indicators. Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 400, 52- 69. doi:10.1016/j.jembe.2011.02.023
  2. Zhang, J., Gilbert, D., Gooday, A.J., Levin, L., Naqvi, S., Middelburg, J., Scranton, M., Ekau, W., Peña, A., Dewitte, B., Oğuz, T., Monteiro, P., Urban, E., Rabalais, N., Ittekkot, V., Kemp, W., Ulloa, O., Elmgren, R., Escobar-Briones, E., Van der Plas, A., 2010. Natural and human-induced hypoxia and consequences for coastal areas: synthesis and future development. Biogeosciences 7, 1443–1467.
  3. Oğuz, T., Gilbert, D., 2007. Abrupt transitions of the top-down controlled Black Sea pelagic ecosystem during 1960–2000: Evidence for regime-shifts under strong fishery exploitation and nutrient enrichment modulated by climate-induced variations. Deep Sea Research Part I: Oceanographic Research Papers 54, 220-242.
  4. Beşiktepe, Ş., Sur, H., Emin, Ö., Latif, M.A, Oğuz, T., Ünlüata, Ü., 1994. The circulation and hydrography of the Marmara Sea. Progress in Oceanography 34, 285-334.
  5. Oğuz, T., Latun, V.S., Latif, M.A., Vladimirov, V.V., Sur, H., Markov, A.A., Özsoy, E., Kotovshchikov, B.B., Eremeev, V.V., Ünlüata, Ü., 1993. Circulation in the surface and intermediate layers of the Black Sea. Deep Sea Research Part I: Oceanographic Research Papers 40, 1597-1612.