Research Interests: Population genetics and phylogenetics of marine animals, marine ecological quality assessment, marine benthic ecology, alien species and their impacts on marine ecosystem

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  • Ph.D. 2006 - 2013, Institute of Environmental Sciences, Bogazici University, Turkey
  • M.Sc., 2002 - 2006 , Institute of Environmental Sciences, Bogazici University, Turkey
  • B.Sc., 1998 – 2002, Faculty of Fisheries, Istanbul University, Turkey

Career Highlights

Selected Publications 

  • DELİ, T., KALKAN, E., KARHAN, S. Ü., UZUNOVA, S., KEİKHOSRAVİ, A., BİLGİN, R., SCHUBART, C. D., (2018). Parapatric genetic divergence among deep evolutionary lineages in the Mediterranean green crab, Carcinus aestuarii (Brachyura, Portunoidea, Carcinidae), accounts for a sharp phylogeographic break in the Eastern Mediterranean. BMC Evolutionary Biology, 18 (53) :1,  1–21.
  • BILGIN, R., UTKAN, M.A., KALKAN, E., KARHAN, S.Ü., BEKBÖLET, M. (2015) DNA barcoding of twelve shrimp species (Crustacea: Decapoda) from Turkish seas reveals cryptic diversity. Mediterranean Marine Science, 16(1): 36-45.
  • KALKAN, E., KURTULUŞ, A., MARACI, Ö., & BILGIN, R. (2011). Is the Bosphorus Strait a barrier to gene flow for the Mediterranean mussel Mytilus galloprovincialis (Lamark, 1819)? Marine Biology Research, 7: 690-700.
  • GUBILI, C., BILGIN, R., KALKAN, E., KARHAN, S.Ü., JONES, C.S., SIMS, D.W., KABASAKAL, H., MARTIN, A. P., & NOBLE, L.R. (2010). Antipodean white sharks on a Mediterranean walkabout? Historical dispersal leads to genetic discontinuity and an endangered anomalous population. Proceedings of the Royal Society, 278(1712): 1679-1686.
  • KALKAN, E., KARHAN, S.Ü., MUTLU, E., SIMBOURA, N. & BEKBÖLET, M. (2007). Application of the bentix index in assessing ecological quality of hard substrata: a case study from the Bosphorus Strait, Turkey. Mediterranean Marine Science, 8(1): 15-29.