Research Interests

Physical processes in estuaries and coastal seas: eddy viscosity parameterizations, estuarine exchange flow, small scale river plumes under varying atmospheric and riverine forcing, surface boundary turbulence at small scales, submesoscale processes and frontal dynamics. The interface between the traditional fields of oceanography and fluid dynamics to understand how the diverse components, processes, and scales fit together using observational, analytical, and numerical methods.


  • Post Doc., Leibnitz Institute for Baltic Sea Research, GERMANY
  • Post Doc., Bodega Marine Lab., University of California Davis, U.S.A.
  • Doctorate, University of Florida, Coastal Engineering and Physical Oceanography U.S.A.
  • Master's, Middle East Technical University, Hydraulics, Civil Eng., TÜRKİYE
  • Bachelor's, Gazi University, Civil Eng., TÜRKİYE

Selected Publications

  1. Basdurak, N. B., Largier, J. L., & Nidzieko, N. J., 2020. Modeling the Dynamics of Small‐Scale River and Creek Plumes in Tidal Waters. Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans, e2019JC015737.
  2. Burchard, H., Basdurak N. B., Gräwe U., Knoll M., Mohrholz V., and Müller S., (2017). Salinity inversions in the thermocline under upwelling favorable winds. Geophysical Research Letters, pp. 1422-1428.
  3. Basdurak, N.B., Huguenard K., Valle-Levinson A., Li M., and Chant R., (2017). Parameterization of mixing by secondary circulation in estuaries. J. Geos. Research. pp. 5666-5688
  4. Basdurak, N.B., Valle-Levinson A., and Cheng P., (2013). Lateral Structure of Tidal Asymmetry in Vertical Mixing and its Impact on Exchange Flow in a Coastal Plain Estuary. Continental Shelf Research, pp. 20-32.
  5. Basdurak, N.B. and A. Valle-Levinson, (2013). Tidal variability of lateral advection in a coastal plain estuary, Continental Shelf Research, pp. 85-97.