Supporting Youth Entrepreneurship in Cultural Tourism for Coastal Communities

Cultoure4Youth is a project that aims to reach young entrepreneurs through cultural tourism and to create incentives for business development opportunities in coordination with all relevant stakeholders in order to prevent youth unemployment and brain drain.


With this aim, the goals of CulTourE4Youth project are to develop a regional paradigm as capacity building initiator in order to:

  • Increase the knowledge and entrepreneurial culture of young people, to be able to meet market demands and identify business opportunities;
  • Promote sustainable coastal tourism practices to develop new products, services and processes for sustainable cultural tourism;
  • Motivate employers, educational institutions, policy makers and civil society, and facilitate synergies among them, to support youth entrepreneurship with concrete actions.


Building on the notion that cultural tourism with marine and maritime dimension is an up-and-coming blue growth generator, the project will provide background information and analysis on how youth entrepreneurship is promoted by existing policies and initiatives, and how can it be better supported to address local and regional challenges.


You can apply to 2nd Mersin Workshop that will be held in Mersin University Youth Entrepreneurship Center, 10 October 2022 from the following link.

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Activities and Events

To reach goals of CulTourE4Youth, series of activities and events conducted;

  • Developing of working document on “Supporting youth entrepreneurship in cultural tourism for coastal communities in the Black Sea Region”
  • Conducting a questionnaire to be able to understand the needs and expectations of young entrepreneurs
  • Holding a national workshop with young entrepreneurs, CulTourE4Youth 1st Mersin Workshop, Turkey (30 November 2021)
  • Holding an international workshop with all stakeholders, CulTourE4Youth Batumi Workshop, Georgia (16-17 February 2022)
  • Holding a national workshop with university students who will become future tourism professionals, CulTourE4Youth 2nd Mersin Workshop, Turkey (10 October 2022)
  • Holding an international workshop with all stakeholders, CulTourE4Youth Crete Workshop, Greece (26 October 2022)
  • Final Event in Thessaloniki, Greece (22-24 November 2022)



  • January 2021 – December 2022



  • BSEC - Black Sea Economic Cooperation 
  • ICBSS - International Centre for Black Sea Studies
  • CPMR - Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions of Europe
  • METU - Middle East Technical University

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