Research Interests: Marine Pollution, Ocean Acidification, Ecotoxicology, Eutrophication


  • PhD. 2014, Oceanography and Coastal Sciences, Louisiana State University, USA
  • M.Sc. 2010, Chemistry, Southern Connecticut State University, USA
  • B.Sc. 2003, Chemistry, Middle East Technical University, Turkey

Career Highlights

  • Assessed the impact of the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill on marine ecosystem
  • Adapted and realigned the eutrophication classification tools for the NE Mediterranean Sea
  • Involved in various national and international marine science projects

Selected Publications

  1. Ozhan, K., & Kocaman, E. (2019). Temporal and Spatial Distributions of Bisphenol A in Marine and Freshwaters in Turkey. Archives of environmental contamination and toxicology, 76(2), 246-254.
  2. Mantzouki, E., Lürling, M., Fastner, J., de Senerpont Domis, L., Wilk-Woźniak, E., Ozhan K., ... & Walusiak, E. (2018). Temperature effects explain continental scale distribution of cyanobacterial toxins. Toxins, 10(4), 156.
  3. Tugrul, S., Ozhan, K., & Akcay, I. (2018). Assessment of trophic status of the northeastern Mediterranean coastal waters: eutrophication classification tools revisited. Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 1-13.
  4. Ozhan, K., Parsons, M. L., & Bargu, S. (2014). How were phytoplankton affected by the Deepwater Horizon oil spill? BioScience, 64(9), 829-836.
  5. Ozhan, K., & Bargu, S. (2014). Distinct responses of Gulf of Mexico phytoplankton communities to crude oil and the dispersant corexit® Ec9500A under different nutrient regimes. Ecotoxicology, 23(3), 370-384.
  6. Ozhan, K., Miles, S. M., Gao, H., & Bargu, S. (2014). Relative Phytoplankton growth responses to physically and chemically dispersed South Louisiana sweet crude oil. Environmental monitoring and assessment, 186(6), 3941-3956.