B.Sc. Chemistry, Hacettepe University, Turkey

M.Sc. Chemical Oceanography, Institute of Marine Sciences, METU, Turkey

Ph.D. Chemical Oceanography, Institute of Marine Sciences, METU, Turkey

Research Area

Marine biogeochemistry, carbon cycle, primary production

Career Highlights

Lead expeditions in the Eastern Mediterranean, Marmara and Black Sea

Founder and current department head of the cross-disciplinary Earth System Science graduate program

Authored over 80 journal articles and conference proceedings, received over 1000 citations

Selected Publications

McCarthy J.J., Yılmaz A., Çoban-Yıldız Y., and Nevins J.L., Nitrogen cycling in the offshore waters of the Black Sea.. "Estuarine Coastal and Shelf Science", 74, (2007), p.493-514.

Ayşen Yılmaz, Yeşim Çoban-Yıldız, Fatma Telli-Karakoç and Alexandru Bologa, Surface and mid-water sources of organic carbon by photoautotrophic and chemoautotrophic production in the Black Sea. "Deep Sea Research Part II", 53, (2006), p.1988-2004.

D. Ediger, S. Tuğrul, A. Yılmaz,, Vertical profiles of particulate organic matter and its relationship with chlorophyll-a in the upper layer of the NE Mediterranean Sea. "Journal of Marine Systems", 55, (2005), p.311-326.

Ediger D. and A. Yılmaz, Characteristics of deep chlorophyll maximum in the Northeastern Mediterranean with respect to environmental conditions. "Journal of Marine Systems", 9, (1996), p.291-303.

Tuğrul S., Ö. Baştürk, A.C. Saydam and A.Yılmaz, Changes in the hydrochemistry of the Black Sea inferred from water density profiles. "Nature", 359, (1992), p.137-139.