PhD. 2014, Oceanography and Coastal Sciences, Louisiana State University, USA

M.Sc. 2010, Chemistry, Southern Connecticut State University, USA

B.Sc.  2003, Chemistry, Middle East Technical University, Turkey

Research Area

Marine Pollution; Ocean Acidification; Ecotoxicology; Eutrophication

Career Highlights

Assessed the impact of the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill on marine ecosystem

Adapted and realigned the eutrophication classification tools for the NE Mediterranean Sea

Involved in various national and international marine science projects

Selected Publications

Ozhan, K., & Kocaman, E. (2019). Temporal and Spatial Distributions of Bisphenol A in Marine and Freshwaters in Turkey. Archives of environmental contamination and toxicology76(2), 246-254.

Mantzouki, E., Lürling, M., Fastner, J., de Senerpont Domis, L., Wilk-Woźniak, E., Ozhan K., ... & Walusiak, E. (2018). Temperature effects explain continental scale distribution of cyanobacterial toxins. Toxins10(4), 156.

Tugrul, S., Ozhan, K., & Akcay, I. (2018). Assessment of trophic status of the northeastern Mediterranean coastal waters: eutrophication classification tools revisited. Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 1-13.

Ozhan, K., Parsons, M. L., & Bargu, S. (2014). How were phytoplankton affected by the Deepwater Horizon oil spill? BioScience, 64(9), 829-836.

Ozhan, K., & Bargu, S. (2014). Distinct responses of Gulf of Mexico phytoplankton communities to crude oil and the dispersant corexit® Ec9500A under different nutrient regimes. Ecotoxicology, 23(3), 370-384.

Ozhan, K., Miles, S. M., Gao, H., & Bargu, S. (2014). Relative Phytoplankton growth responses to physically and chemically dispersed South Louisiana sweet crude oil. Environmental monitoring and assessment, 186(6), 3941-3956.