Information about METU - IMS

Institute of Marine Sciences, METU, provides internship opportunities for the enthusiastic undergraduate students who would like to gain some background and experience about marine sciences.

Institute of Marine Sciences is a graduate school under Middle East Technical University, conducts research under four major areas. In each area of research, IMS-METU studies different properties of the marine environment. The scientific research is supported by national and international project fundings. Research is held through theoretically and practically, both in the laboratory environment and on the scientific research vessel possessed by the institute.

METU-Institute of Marine Sciences offers internship opportunities all year round, both in summer and winter periods, to the undergraduate applicants. The successful applicants are welcome to extend their knowledge in the area of their interest.

The interns can attend their practice in the following major fields;


Marine Biology and Fisheries

Marine Geology and Geophysics

Middle East Technical University, Institute of Marine Sciences accepts interns all year round. However, for summer and winter periods specifically, you should observe the application deadlines below:



Internship periods

Application dates

Winter period

January – February

15 September - 30 November

Summer period

June –  July

15 February - 30 March


Following evaluation of internship applications during December (for the winter period), and applications during April (for the summer period), the applicants are informed about the success of their application.



Internship applicants should write a letter either personally or by the internship commission of their own institution which states their will to attend winter/summer practice. The letters should be sent to Dr. Ekin Akoğlu (


Please link to Campus Life to find out facilities at METU – IMS campus as an intern.