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Institute of Marine Sciences, Middle East Technical University, Erdemli, Turkey

Research Assistant

Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA, USA

Research Assistant 08/1998{10/2007

Research Area

PO-HPC-QEEZ: Research in Physical Oceanography and Marine Numerical Modelling

Startup Grant. Qatar University Research Oce, 04/2015{03/2016, QAR 40,000

(USD 11,000).

{ ENVI-HPC: High Performance Computing Infrastructure Grant. Scientic and

Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK), Marmara Research Center,

08/2012{07/2013, TL 60,000 (USD 33,000).

{ EDA-OPMOD: Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean Operational Model System.

TUBITAK 1001 Research Programme, proposal accepted for funding 07/2011, project

postponed by TUBITAK 10/2011, TL 154,000 (USD 85,500).

{ NE Atlantic Climate: 21st century ocean{ecosystem scenario simulations for the

Northeast Atlantic Ocean. Irish Marine Institute sub-contract, 07/2009{12/2009,


Principal Investigator

{ UREP20: Monitoring and modelling of marine physical, chemical, and biological

dynamics of the exclusive economic zone of Qatar. Undergraduate Research Experi-

ence Program (UREP20-063-1-014), Qatar National Research Fund, 10/2017{10/2018,

USD 20,000.